Bylaw of Cambodia National Rescue Party of North America (Adoption, April 26, 2014)

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ទាញយកលិខិត ទំរង់ PDF៖ លក្ខ័ន្ដិកៈ នៃ CNRP-NA វិសោធនកម្ម ២៦ មេសា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៤


The Khmer people are descendants of the Great Khmer Empire especially
during the 8th to 13th century. Passing through the collapse of the Great
Kingdom, the colonialism, the atrocity, the foreign occupation and the
intractable social unrest, the Khmer people have proudly abled to maintain
their national identity, political pragmatism and optimism. Their pain and
past memories have impregnably transformed into struggle for change, safer
and freer society.

For over 30 years of war and suffering, the pain and outcry of the Cambodian
people, the Cambodian-Americans, the Cambodian-Canadians, and all the
Cambodian-Overseas alike would like to dedicate ourselves to fight for basic
freedom and true democracy for Cambodia as follows:

To strengthen democracy through checks and balance, and transparency, we
promote the rule of law, and advocate for liberty, freedom and justice. We, the
Cambodian-Americans, the Cambodian-Canadians, and all the Cambodian-
Overseas, take a solemn stance on this day…, to hold a union of trust,
sincerity, and dedication.

To unite all the Cambodian-Americans, the Cambodian-Canadians, and all
the Cambodian-Overseas alike whose vision is to better future for the
Cambodian children and this beloved motherland.

To strengthen the Cambodia National Rescue Party vision, mission and policy
which stands for Rescue, Serve and Protect.



The Cambodians living in U.S.A. and Canada, which has the full-fledged political affiliation to the parent organization, the CNRP-Cambodia, formed the Cambodia National Rescue Party of North America (CNRP-NA). The
CNRP – NA is reactively and proactively playing significant roles in
supporting the CNRP-PP and its implementation of key policy, mission and
vision such as defending national sovereignty, alleviating poverty line,
encouraging democratic principles and pluralism, and advocating against
dictatorial and authoritarian rules, and including other critical issues that are
facing Cambodia today. Furthermore, the CNRP-NA is pursuing and
promoting a long lasting, and mutual relationship with the CNRP-PP. Any
membership to CNRP-North America would be subject to review by the
CNRP-North America committee, Advisory Council, and Board of Directors.


SECT. 1.

Seek to influence the United States, Canada, Cambodian allies, and all the international community on matters of political, diplomatic, and humanitarian issues relating to the development of national security, sustainable economic development, and international cooperation.

SECT. 2.

Maintain and strengthen grassroots support for Chapter Delegates and local CNRP-chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Respond
to political, cultural, social or natural disaster situations occurring in

SECT. 3.

Keep local CNRP-chapters well informed of current political situation(s) that might endanger the safety of fellow CNRP members, victims of politically motivated offenses, and any human rights abuses that lead

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undermine democracy, peace, and stability.

SECT. 4.

Raise funds in collaboration with local chapters to adequately cover either emergency or annual budget expenditures by commissioning maximum resources, skills, and services from CNRP members at their full potential.

SECT. 5.

Provide support to CNRP-Cambodia with all necessary human resources and financial resources that will benefit the party as a whole.

SECT. 6.

Strengthen and promote democracy and human rights through nationalism ideals and self-determination among women, youth, Buddhists and other faiths, community and local organizations.




Membership to this independent body is reserved for the most knowledgeable senior, active youths, and respected individuals who
have actively served or supported CNRP party, or any talent or
distinguished individuals who have made significant contribution to
the organization. An appointment shall be finalized by the agreement
of the CNRP-North America President, plus any three (3) members of
the Executive Committee.


Membership of the Executive Council is honorary and ceremonial. Each member is regarded as a leading figure in supporting the party
platform and day-to-day affairs.



Each chapter shall have a minimum of two (2) votes. In addition, each Local Chapter Delegate shall earn one (1) additional vote based upon
proportional financial contribution.


Membership to the Local Chapter Delegate is reserved for those who exhibited dedication, honesty, and significant contributions to the
CNRP organization. Each membership to the Local Chapter Delegate
must be nominated or referred by the local CNRP-Chapter President
plus other two (2) executive members.



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local chapter must submit the names of the president, Vice-president, secretary, and treasurer for an approval from CNRP-NA
and CNRP-Cambodia in order to be fully recognized as an official CNRP-Chapter for each state/province.


Each local chapter may not disassociate itself from CNRP-NA as a separate entity and must maintain its affiliation and loyalty to


Each chapter may dissolve itself by a referendum upon which its affiliation with CNRP-NA and CNRP-Cambodia will be revoked.
A referendum for this purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole
number of active members and delegates in each local chapter.


An executive board may be elected to represent each state/province with multiple chapters.


Any Local Delegate member who fails to pay membership fee to their local CNRP Chapter affiliate for 30 days shall be reminded by written
notice, fax, and/or e-mail by the local CNRP Chapter Treasurer. The local CNRP Chapter Treasurer shall advise Local Chapter Delegate members of any default membership as prescribed in items 2, 3, and 4.


Due to exceptional circumstance beyond their control, any Local Chapter Delegate members that are in an extreme financial hardship
are entitled to waive membership obligation for up to five (5)
consecutive months. Local Chapter Delegate members must submit a written and/or verbal explanation to the Treasurer stating the reason
for such action. Members who choose to ignore this obligation for 90
days shall be in default for probation and shall be removed the right to
vote in the general election, but remain as CNRP-North America
regular member. In which case, the member may continue his or her
membership for another 60 days of probation beyond when his or her
membership shall be revoked pending reauthorization by the Director
of Membership.


Executive officers, committee directors, and state/province-level representatives shall be accountable for higher commitment of
membership obligations including of strict terms and limits, and severe disciplinary penalties. They shall not be late more than 75 days of due membership payment. Exceeding which time, the violation shall constitute grounds subject to disciplinary actions by the President and/or the Director, which may range from temporary functional suspension or revocation of the right to vote, to permanent removal
from office. In the event an officer has been absent for more than the said period or
the circumstances could not prevail for him or her to maintain a good membership standing, the President and/or the Director shall rule in light of the crucial consequences of their actions on the subject violation as they see fit. The President, executive member, or any Committee Director shall be vested with the authorization to act independently should anyone of them involves in the subject violation. A simple majority of executive member votes shall be sufficient to
impose disciplinary actions, should both the President and the Committee Director concurrently become the subjects of 75-day late payment, and the majority vote shall subsequently rule on appropriate actions that range from dismissal, temporary functional suspension or revocation of the right to vote, to permanent removal from office.


Any individual who is terminated by their negligence and wrongdoings shall be eligible for reinstatement pending a full review by the Director of Membership. The Chapter Delegate members shall be required to submit a complete package of application along with a written statement to the Director of Membership.


Each State and Province shall appoint their delegate members. The delegate members are chosen depending upon the activities, and financial contribution of [that] local chapter to the CNRP-NA. A Chapters delegates member shall have only one (1) casting vote in the presidential election (refer to Section 2, Item 2.1.1).


The Presidential candidates are allowed to select and nominate his/her own executive team.


The Chapters Delegates members who meet all the qualifications may be appointed by the President to serve in the Executive


Chapters Delegates members shall fulfill all prescribed obligations or risk losing privileges and ultimately,

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3.1.1. Nomination and Candidacy

Those who consider running for the office of the President of the CNRP-NA must satisfy the following qualifications and criteria:

The Presidential candidates must be twenty-four (24) years of age and member of the CNRP-NA. The candidates must be nominated and certified by his or her local chapter.

The Presidential candidates must collect 100 signatures of the members.

The Presidential candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, from agents, regional, and/or states/provincial accredited institutions in the United States or Canada that included a major field of study leading to any of the following majors: natural science, social science, physical science, business administration, management, criminal justice, computer science, engineering, arts.

The Presidential candidates must never have been involved in criminal activities that violated local, state and federal laws, except for minor traffic offenses and misdemeanors.

The Presidential candidates shall not currently serve in any way, shape, or form with any political parties, and/or organizations undermine the interest of the CNRP and CNRP-NA.

In addition to holding the appropriate bachelor’s degree or higher, the candidate must obtain the relevant professional experiences, preferably in Cambodian community assistance projects, non-profit charitable activities, and non-governmental community development efforts serving Cambodia, United States or Canada etc. Other equivalents may directly substitute the above qualifications but not on a prevailing basis including any experiences gained while earning an income from operating a privately owned small business, working for a commercial or industrial sector, serving a public entity such as local/Federal Government or a combination thereof.

The Presidential candidates shall submit their curriculum vitae (complete biography) outlining skills, education, experiences, qualifications and references to the Election Committee.

3.1.2. Qualification for Candidacy

While this category does not establish a mandatory condition, preferred considerations are given to those who demonstrated to all, or any of the following attributes:

The Presidential candidate must demonstrate his or her high moral characters, which also possesses a high level of personal honesty, integrity, and accountability. The CNRP-NA adopts a policy of a ‘non-discrimination’ regarding social backgrounds, age, sex, race, religion, and disability.

The Presidential candidates must possess excellent
communication and written skills in Khmer and English.

The Presidential candidates shall have the ability to motivate others in a stressful situation while maintaining full composure and impartial view in resolving existing conflicts or inefficiency among CNRP-NA members. The Presidential candidates must have knowledge about, and understand the CNRP-NA’s platforms, bylaws, goals and objectives, and internal issues facing the Chapters.

The Presidential candidates must have knowledge of Khmer history, culture, and governments, particularly the more recent socio-economic and political developments and issues that related to them.

3.1.3. Tenure

The executive power shall be vested in the President
of the CNRP-NA.

The president of the CNRP-NA is elected by the Chapters
Delegates members. He shall hold his office during the term
of four (4) years, and, together with the Vice Presidents. The Presidents are limited to serving only two (2) full terms
eight (8) years, and will not allow running again after one
consecutive term absence from any involvements in
the CNRP-NA.

The presidential elections shall be conducted. The presidential term begins each calendar year on the First of January. If, under
any unforeseen or necessary circumstance, the President- elected
shall assume office immediately after the election. The
incumbent, however, shall continue to serve, during the period of
transition until December 31.

3.1.4. Roles

The President of the CNRP-NA is designated, but not limited to, the following roles:

Chief Chapter, (The President of the CNRP-NA leads the Chapters).

Head of Chapter, (President of the CNRP-NA is
a Chief Executive Officer and Crisis Manager).

Diplomat, (The President of the CNRP-NA handles
external affairs).

Endorse adhoc subcommittee such as Election Commission
and/or others, with the approval of the executive body.

3.1.5. Responsibilities

The President of the CNRP-NA is tasked, but not limited to, the following responsibilities:

The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing

Will complete it. Please go to the top and download PDF either in Khmer or English

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